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Beholden to Art by the Artist, Tash P.

NYCE represents heritage and all that makes me who I am as a creative. When I look at myself in the mirror, I'm reminded of my purpose and that I am an artist. I'm only reminded of my skin color/complexion, beauty, body type, gender, sex, class, personality type and socioeconomic status when I step into the world. Am I a pedigree or a mutt? I believe experiences that one faces in the world can be a mixture of both perceptions as a form of truth. There's light and dark in all of us. On the canvas, the light and shadow helps define an image into existence.


STUDIO is where the reflection of myself is uncovered. I am an abstract painter with an interior design background. I create original paintings, art installations and visual displays for the fashion/retail industry. My process in the studio is all about body language, and expression. I enjoy creating movement and electricity in my work. Art making can be messy but the end result is well worth it.


The WORK will speak for itself. Each painting takes the viewer on a journey. Each time you gaze at the work, you find a new experience as though this was your first encounter. I work with acrylic paint, pastels, powder pigments and other mediums on canvas and paper. The objective for each painting is to create movement where there's none.


Fine Art at Your Fingertips

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